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ATM Processing &
Banking Services

Denali ATM assists cannabis companies with processing ATM transactions,
obtaining loans, and setting up merchant bank accounts with credible financial institutions.

72% of Cannabis Operators say:

"Lack of Financial Services is Our Biggest Concern"

Less than half of cannabis businesses are turning a profit, according to a new report from Whitney Economics that surveyed nearly 400 cannabis operators and stakeholders across 20 states. According to the report, only 42% of respondents were profitable, with 20% more saying they are breaking even. Mar 15, 2022 

We've Been Putting Cash Into Dispensary Customers Hands Since 2011

Cannabis  ATM Processing

Whether you’re buying an ATM for your cannabis dispensary, or you’re interested in using a Cannabis Dispensary Friendly Processor, you've come to the right place. We boast over 27 years of experience providing ATM services, and equipment to AK & HI merchants in many different industries, including processing for cannabis-related businesses since 2011.

Our cannabis dispensary clients have no need to use deceptive business names and addresses to acquire ATM processing. We have several sponsoring US banks that have been accepting ATM processing from the cannabis industries for more than 10 years. Our sponsoring banks agree with the federal government, that “credit card processing” transactions are between the customer (cardholder) and the selling business (cannabis dispensary), but that is not so for ATM transactions.

ATM transactions are between the customer and his/her bank or credit card company. The customer is simply taking their money out of their bank account. Your cannabis dispensary has absolutely nothing to do with the ATM transaction. If your business is legal by state law. There is no problem with maintaining an ATM inside a cannabis dispensary. Use an Alaskan ATM company who has your back, who will immediately switch your ATM processing - should the need ever arise. However, for the last 6 years this has not been necessary.

Our clients simply purchase (see lowest cost ATM in Alaska & Hawaii) their own ATM machines (like other businesses do) and stock their ATMs themselves - like other businesses do. Cannabis Dispensary customers use their cards in a traditional-ATM, they enter the PIN associated with the card, accept a small convenience fee, get their cash, make their purchase, and leave happy.

This provides increased convenience for the customer and increased sales revenue and peace of mind for the dispensary. Our 10-year solution has:

  • A quick & easy approval process

  • Fifty cent ($.50) processing fee

  • No long term contracts

  • No required reserves

  • Free ATM add-ons

  • 3-4 day settlement

  • Online reporting

  • You own ATM


In order for a cannabis dispensary to get approved for our ATM processing solution, you'll need to first complete our one page application and provide two supporting documents. Most dispensaries are approved in 1-2 business days.

Once approved, the ATM is shipped to the retail location, and our technicians assist in quickly setting up the pre-programmed plug-and-play ATM machine. Our solution is the best payment processing solution available to the industry and has been a favorite of dispensary owners nationwide, since 2012.

Depending on your space, almost any ATM type will work well in a dispensary, including standalone, wall units, and countertop ATMs. Take a look at our available ATMs for Passive Income or our ATM Opportunity for the Cannabis Dispensary Industry explained on this page, and links, or just to see what works best for your company. Why YOU should stock your ATM machine's cash.

If you are looking for a cannabis dispensary ATM processor, or you are buying an ATM for your dispensary, eliminate future hasles.

Call Denali ATM.

Cannabis Banking

The easy-to-use, highly scalable platform fulfills the business needs and regulatory obligations of any licensed cannabis business, across all verticals - everywhere cannabis is legal. Manage your finances like a traditional business:

  • Access to FDIC-insured accounts with no minimums. 

  • No risk of sudden shutdowns. 

  • Increased security with unlimited cash deposits. 

  • Ability to pay by ACH, wire, or check. 

  • Manage activity on a desktop or through the an app.

  • Put your money to work.

  • Watch your money grow instead of storing it in cash. 

  • Low account balance minimum. 

  • No mandatory withdrawals. 

  • Accept invoice payments electronically or in cash. 

  • Streamline AR/AP reporting with Quickbooks integration. 

  • No sudden account shutdowns for working in cannabis. 

  • Access to checking, debit & ATM cards, everything that comes with a traditional account. 


Providing cannabis businesses access to a secure, transparent banking solution, almost nationwide. Secure cash and pay electronically.


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