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Saves Alaskan Business Owners Hundreds of Dollars Every Month!

The Amount You're Now Paying In Merchant Fees

Is The Exact Amount We'll Save You!

Stop Paying To

Accept Credit Cards

Eliminate 100% Of Your Processing Fees!

Processing companies, such as Square and Toast, charge roughly 2.75% and $.10 per transaction, plus a monthly fee of $60.00. Free Processing powered by Denali ATM completely eliminates these fees, so you keep 100% of your sales.
We do this by using a special processor and custom software that automatically assesses a small fee to customer sales. This fee covers all of your processing costs - We're saying 100%. These figures show our average clients monthly savings:
How Much Will You Save?

Monthly PIN Based Sales:

  1.     $5,000

  2.   $10,000

  3.   $25,000

  4.   $50,000

  5.   $75,000

  6. $100,000

  7. $125,000

  8. $150,000

Monthly Savings:

  1.    $175.00

  2.    $350.00

  3.    $875.00

  4. $1,750.00

  5. $2,625.00

  6. $3,500.00

  7. $4,375.00

  8. $5,250.00

"A penny saved, is a penny earned" - Benjamin Franklin, 1737

  • More Secure: Our terminal and processing provides a much safer, and secure way to conduct card sales, than other methods. As each transaction is encrypted and processed through the EFT Network, instead of Visa and Mastercard's network. All our transactions are encrypted and done through the EFT Network, making the sale just as safe and secure as if the customer had walked into their own bank. EFT is the safest and fastest credit/debit card processing method available today.

  • Faster: Our credit/debit card processing is 3x times faster than traditional cash transactions. According to Visa, cash payments take between 6 to 7 seconds to process, while our processing takes 1 or 2 seconds. Processing faster, allows you to serve more customers. Thus, you will be able to make more sales in a day, which will boost your profits. For businesses that usually find themselves with waiting customers, during peak shopping hours, our terminal is what you need.

  • No Fees: We eliminate all monthly fees and card processing rates that traditional credit card merchant accounts charge. We save our clients on average $1,500 monthly.

  • Easy to Set Up: After we receive your completed paperwork, it only takes about 7 to 10 business days to ship your pre-programmed, plug and play machine to your location. You simply plug your new terminal into a landline, WIFI, or connect it with an ethernet cord, and you're ready to go. We also can provide a mobile terminal if your business requires mobile processing.

  • Avoid Fraud & Chargebacks: Using our processor and terminal minimizes fraud and chargebacks. Visa says almost all fraud is committed by customers not using a 4-digit PIN code. Our terminal requires customers to enter their 4-digit PIN code to complete a purchase. Denali ATM clients will feel confident knowing that all of their purchases are verified transactions. With us you can forget about loosing chargebacks. Just keep your terminal receipts.


  • Daily Batching & Reports: As soon as customers authorize their purchase by entering their card’s 4-digit PIN code, the money is  transferred to the business owner’s bank account, negating any batch timelines. Terminals also record all transactions, and offer real-time reporting. That way you know valuable information, such as time of purchase, transaction amount and much more, whenever you want. This enables you to adjust your business plans based upon customer habits.

The Benefits

The Terminal

Our terminal has been upgraded with a custom software program that only runs PIN based transactions and charges customers a small convenience fee. This fee pays for merchant's processing costs. The P200 terminal:


  • It eliminates merchant credit/debit card processing fees. 

  • It's small enough to hold, yet heavy enough for counter-top processing.

  • It accepts all payment inputs including NFC/CTLS, EMV, chip, and mag-stripe.

  • It's single connector reduces logistical complexities.

  • It has maximum security, and compliance with end-to-end encryption.

  • It includes cables and is plug & play, programed to start using.

  • It reduces sales mistakes, by not offering a touchscreen.

We allow Alaskan businesses to accept pin-based debit and credit card payments, with:

  • No Transaction Fees

  • No Monthly Fees

  • No Annual Fees

  • Zero Fees!


Our processing company uses a unique credit card machine, an enhanced P200 that is designed to work with any PIN based debit, ATM, or credit card.


This credit card machine's appearance is similar to standard credit card machines on the outside, but it's enhanced inside hardware and software improvements, when combined with our credit card processor, eliminates all (100%) of merchant PIN based credit/debit card acceptance costs, through a small service fee charged customers as a convivence fee.


verifone v200.png

Common Questions

Who Sells This Special Terminal: 

We do. We'll  set you up with our newest, a state-of-the-art P200, completely customized to your company and ready to operate as soon as you plug it in. There are no monthly service fees, and we're available for any assistance you may need, and to answer any questions you may have. Terminal, programing and shipping is a one time cost.

Are There Any Additional Costs: 

NO! Except for terminal paper, internet or phone service, and electricity. 

How Does System Work: 

Our terminal looks the same as every other P200. Sleek and modern. But it operates differently. Your customers pay a small processing fee, each time they use your credit card terminal. This fee covers all of your processing costs. The terminal prints a receipt that verifies that the debit from customer's bank account has been successfully deposited into your bank account. Just like any other credit card machine purchase - store will provide change back to customer, if the total credit card charge is larger than their purchase. P200 terminal works in $5 increments. Example: If a customer spent $67, the terminal would charge them $70, and the store clerk would hand them their change, of $3.



As is quickly becoming the norm, P200 transactions follow ATM's discreet, and confidential bank processing policies, of only showing up on customer's bank statement as "ATM Withdrawal", instead of a complete list of everything your customers purchase!

Customer Complaints: 

In our 27-year experience of handling hundreds of thousands of Alaskan transactions. The vast majority of customers understand that businesses are charged for accepting credit cards, and are more than willing to pay a small convivence fee. Customers in today’s economy are used to paying all sorts of service fees. Our clients, place a small sign that explains that the processor merchant is using charges customers a service fee. In the event of a difficult customer, there is always the option by the merchant to refund the fee, and absorb that fee for that one transaction. Remember, you are not forcing the customer to pay the fee, they can easily avoid the fee by paying with cash.

How Does Customer Service Fees Work: 

Similar to ATM withdrawals every time a customer uses one of their PIN based credit or debit cards to make a purchase through your P200 terminal, customer accepts and then is charged a small convenience fee for using their card.


Using our processor and the P200, allows you to accept bank cards, without having to pay for your customer's air miles and points, which they earn every time they buy from you! And you will no longer be charged any credit/debit card processing fees.

Maintenance & Repairs: 

The P200 comes with a 90-day replacement guarantee. They are very reliable, and seldom need replacement. And we are available to help with any difficulties that may arise.

What Areas Do We Service: 

The P200 and our processor services will work anywhere in Alaska that you can get a reliable internet, phone line, or WIFI connection.

Save on Taxes: 

Most stores located in rural Alaska, upon request routinely run credit card sales for more than the purchase amount to provide customers additional cash. If you aren't using a POS system that allows you to show the amount of each sale that was a cash advance. These cash-overages are simply combined into your sales, which makes this common practice very expensive at the end of each year - at tax time. But when offering the same service through the P200, the additional-cash is not taxed as income! 

How Long Does the Setup Take: 

Most of our Alaskan merchants receive their ready to go terminal within two weeks of our processor receiving their completed paperwork.

What Are Terminal's Limits: 

Charges to P200 terminals are in $5 increments. If a customer's purchase comes to $46 they would be charged at $50, and receive $4 cash back (as change) from the merchant. The maximum amount a customer can charge to their PIN based card depends upon the agreement they have with their bank. Generally for rural Alaska, its around $400.

What Happens if the Power Goes Out: 

If the power goes out, the P200 service will shut down. It will not save any transactions that it might have been working on during the shut down. But if you still have internet access during the power outage you can still use the P200, if you have battery backup.

What is the Approval Process: 

We approve 99% of applicants. There is no credit check. All we need is a simple application, copy of your ID (DL, State ID, or Passport) and a void check from either a business, or personal checking account. Denali ATM is a high risk merchant account service provider:

  • Guaranteed Acceptance for retail businesses.

  • Bad Credit, is OK.

  • No Credit, is OK.

  • Previously Terminated Merchant Account, is OK. 

  • Startups, are OK.

  • Zero Fees!


As well as other situations that causes retail businesses to be turned down by other merchant service credit card processors. Denali ATM caters to high risk credit card merchant processing for adult, casino, tobacco stores, liquor stores, nutraceutical, pharmacy credit card processing, and more.

How do Transactions Work: 

The P200 terminal is placed on your countertop at check out. The customer swipes their card and enters their PIN #. They authorize the amount in $5 increments along with the convenience fee. The terminal prints two receipts. They hand one to you as proof the transaction went through, and they keep the other for their records. You give them their change if any, and that's it.

How do I Get My Money: 

Like old technology Credit Card transactions, transactions are electronically deposited to your bank account within 3-4 business days.

Can I Get Chargebacks: 

No. Transactions are ran just like an ATM event. Customers entering PIN numbers cannot charge the transaction back, provided you keep all terminal transaction receipts, as proof that the event took place.

If PIN Number is Unknown: 

All debit and ATM cards have PIN numbers, and so do most credit cards, as card's cash advance feature. Customers can contact their bank for their PIN number. Over 70% of U.S. households use debit cards or bank cards; and according to the banking industry. Nationwide consumers make more PIN based debit card purchases, than credit card sales, because more people carry ATM, debit, and PIN based bank cards than they do credit cards.


You will also have access to free online reporting, so you can easily review your daily transactions and print monthly statements. 

Example Transaction:

  1. Customer selects the items they want to purchase.

  2. Employee rings up items at the register/POS giving a total price. (Example: $56.00).

  3. Employee inputs total from POS into the P200 terminal ($56 + $2 convenience fee then rounds up to the nearest $5 increment).

  4. Customer runs debit card P200 transaction for $60.00.

  5. Employee gives $1.00 change from the register and then closes the transaction on POS system, by selecting the P200 button.

The customer has paid in full and ​the transaction is complete. No transaction fees get charged to the business.

P200 Installations & Maintenance Services Statewide, Alaska

EOA office - new.webp

Give Denali ATM 15 minutes... And we'll answer your questions and show you how your business will grow with one of our quality P200 terminals.

We are not only a 27 year old Anchorage, Alaska business, but we also service more Alaskan villages and cities IN-PERSON than any other similar company!

Most of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years. To get started call us at (907) 345-3000. We're located in Anchorage, Alaska. You can reach us

Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm (AST.)

Our offer a lot more financial services than than the bank card and the ATM industries. We're able to assist Alaskan companies in many ways.

Benefits of Processing Through Denali ATM

Buying and owning our P200 credit/debit card terminal will not get you rich quick, but it will effortlessly increase your net profits by hundreds, every month. The P200 PIN based terminals have a life expectancy of around 7 to 10 years, which for the credit card industry is excellent. P200's also keep their resale value. They cost just a few hundred dollars more than some other manufacturers, but when coupled with our processing, it's the best option for most of Alaska's bush retain businesses. And for maintenance and for term of life in Alaska's harsh environment, our terminal is hard to beat. Usually our P200 pay for themselves in a couple of months, when put in the right location.

There are only two ways to increase profit. By reducing costs, or by increasing income. The P200 was made to reduce costs!

Stop Paying To Accept Credit Cards Call:

(907) 345-3000

We Eliminate Processing Fees!

We approve 99% of those who apply! There is no credit check. All we need is a simple application, copy of your ID (DL, State ID, or Passport) and a voided check from either a business, or personal checking account. Denali ATM is a high risk merchant account service provider with the lowest possible fees - FREE:

  • Guaranteed Acceptance for retail businesses.

  • Bad Credit, is fine.

  • No Credit, is fine.

  • Previously Terminated Merchant Accounts, is fine. 

  • Startups, are also fine.


As well as other situations that causes retail business to be turned down by other merchant service/credit card processors. We provide merchant processing services for adult, casino, tobacco stores, liquor stores, nutraceutical, fishing & hunting industries, pot shops, and more.


1601 East 84th, Ste 203, Anchorage, Alaska 99507

(907) 345-3000

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