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Why Others Use Us - and why you should too!

Ready to fill your pipeline and with new customers?  Call us today (907) 345-8000

Our leads are Exclusive!

In your market area, you will be the only similar company we work with provided you purchase a minimum of 10 leads per month for your area. Every prospect call we generate is transferred to only your company. Our average client has been using our services for more than 10 years.

Our leads are Live!

You are not paying for a list of local consumers or businesses; and then cold calling them. These leads have been pre-screened by our agents or the message they left on their voicemail machines before calling you.

Our leads are 100% Qualified!

First, our agents call potential customers in the area you've chosen. Next they tell them about your company and it's offer. Then if they're interested agents give them your phone number. Later, if they decide to call you - you'll be receiving calls only from very interested prospects.

The highest ROI of any media!

Because of our "two-step" qualifying process (we do not transfer prospects who haven't had time to really consider your offer), your conversion rates and ROI are very high. And, our service is available year-round, just tell us how many calls you want. 

We partner together to assure your success!

We specialize in exclusive on-demand pre-screened prospect phone calls, offering our clients private, interested, sales leads for their area that instantly connect interested prospects with their salespeople by phone!