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Right  Now  These  Valuable  ATM  Add-ons  are  Included  Free With Every ATM!


Cameras always reduce crime. This high-tech built-in camera not only records user activity but also allows your customers to see them selves and who ever might be standing behind them - on the ATM screen while doing their transaction. Camera also takes photos of all ATM clients, which you can printout, later on. 



Call us as soon as your new ATM arrives, and we will provide you, and your staff, step-by-step instructions on how to remove packaging, to making communication connections, installing cash, and running test transactions. We will also train you and your staff on ATM's daily operations, and we are always only a call away.



Seconds after each customer transaction, the ATM shown below automatically disinfects the surface of the keypad that was touched, which would have otherwise helped spread viruses and bacteria to your community. ATM kills up to 99% of all viruses and bacteria automatically, between each customer - within seconds! This is available only with the COVID ATM package.



Need ATM cash? Call us:

  • Mail us a check for the cash you want.

  • Cash is shipped in the denominations you want.

  • Restricted delivery to a specific person.

  • No Risk. Cash is insured.



Whenever your ATM is used, it prints something for your customer. This is a needed supply. ATMs cannot work without this paper. For this reason, we include 5 huge rolls of ATM paper (which will last for 5,000 transactions). Afterwards, one phone call, and we ship free paper, shopping paid, using 3-day UPS, for as long as you use our wholesale processing.



EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa compliance. EMV uses a more secure chip card reader technology with cryptography to keep credit card information safe to prevent fraud. It is an expensive but necessary cost, however we upgrade ATM's EMV hardware before shipping, at no additional cost.



You can count on our friendly and knowledgeable technical support and training, for as long as you do business with us. 

We also provide wibsites that provide 24/7 advice on solving the most common ATM issues. And remember, our staff is always just a phone call away.



We provide (3) ways to keep track of your ATM’s income and transactions. (i) We set your ATM up, so that you can print daily reports. (ii) We provide a website that (if you use the internet for your ATM to communicate with your bank) shows you all of your ATMs activity. (iii) We set it up so that your bank statements show all of your ATMs transactions

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