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Grocery Stores know how essential it is to have an ATM in their store.  Customers come in expecting a “one stop shop” where they can get everything they need before leaving and heading back home – cash included. 

We service grocery stores big and small. Whether you have a local “mom and pop” food mart, or a large-scale regional chain of supermakets, we can accommodate your needs. Denali ATM is a non-bank independent ATM deployer servicing the entire United States.


Grocery store owners first thinking it wise to partner with a bank or credit union for their ATM services usually find out that monthly costs are enormous and the cons usually outweigh the benefits. Denali ATM makes it simple – we place the ATM, train your staff, and are available 24/7. All that is needed is a small space for the machine and an electrical outlet. 

We will help you every step of the way, from startup to many years down the road. Although being responsible for cash loading, you'll now receive all of collected Surcharge Fees, minus our only fee of $.50 - if you use us.


Thank you for your interest in using our 29 year-old company. Let us know when is the best time to call you.

Lowest Price ATMs Guaranteed
Free ATM Paper & Shipping
30 day money back guarantee with return of atm

Our ATM prices are the lowest we know of, and the lowest we've ever charged!

Free ATM receipt paper plus shipping, for as long as you process with us.

Within 30-days ship unharmed ATM to us. We'll refund 100% of ATM's purchase price.

The Advantages of Having Multiple ATMs:


Grocery stores with multiple entrances usually have multiple ATMs so guests can quickly and easily locate one when they need it. With multiple ATMs there will never be a waiting-line infront of the ATM. And an ATM goes down your shoppers will not be inconvenienced as there will be another one on property.


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