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 We've been putting cash into customers hands for 29 years 

How ATMs Make Their Owners Money

ATM Owners and/or Operators charge their ATM customers (ATM cardholders) a surcharge fee for using their ATM. You charge this fee because as the owner or operator of an ATM Machine you are providing a valuable convenience service. Your service offers individuals the opportunity to save time if they need to access money from their bank without the hassle of going to their own bank. You set your own surcharge fee amount during the setup process.


person taking money from one of Denali ATM machines

 One that your customers want!

One that will increase sales!

 One that you can afford!

One that is very easy!


How Profitable will my Business' ATM be?

An ATM with Denali ATM's constant support will allow you to supplement your income, and increase foot traffic while providing what your customers want! Statistics show that customers spend 40 percent more money in stores that provide ATM machines. This means you'll earn from service fees plus experience an increase in your sales.

ATM machine's usually charge between $3 and $8. How much you'll earn depends on what you charge your customers and how many transactions you get per month.

The matching amount of cash withdrawn from your ATM is  deposited into your bank account automatically on a daily basis by ACH. Your profits from the surcharge collected from each ATM withdrawal is deposited monthly into the bank account you set up for this.


 If you have a steady flow of clients, an ATM could earn you thousands of extra dollars a year in semi-passive income. 


  1. The average monthly number of transactions per ATM is 338.
  2. 80% of convenience store sales are cash.
  3. The average cash withdrawal is $60.
  4. 33% of cash withdrawals are typically spent in the ATM's location.
  5.  Up to 7% of your customers will use your ATM. 
  6. Experience increases in: food, lottery, liquor, gambling, entertainment, and money orders.
  7.  The average ATM user spends 40% more than a non-ATM user. 
  8. Add customer convenience.
  9. Eliminate bad check losses.
  10. Stimulate impulse buying.
  11. Enhance customer traffic.
  12. Enhance customer loyalty.
  13. Accept ATM cards and all major credit cards.
  14. In-store video promotions and coupon promotions.
  15. On-going self-training and tech support by ATM factory and Denali ATM.
  16. Earn surcharge income.

How ATMs Make Business Owners Semi-passive Income

(below assumes that you handle ATM's money / you charge $3.50 surcharge / $.50 Denali ATM cost / your business does 338 ATM trans mo.)

  • Investment: $1,995.00 one ATM machine

  • Return on investment (ROI):  3 months

  • Setup time:  2 weeks

  • Monthly Income: $1,014.00 (338 transactions monthly x $3.00 surcharge)

  • Annual Income: $12,168.00 (working approx 2 hour per month)

4 methods reputable ATM companies give their clients, to monitor their ATM earnings


  1. IF ATM doesn’t deposit your profits directly into your own bank account (regardless of who owns the ATM)

  2. IF you don’t receive monthly bank statements of ATM activity... AND

  3. IF you are unable to print daily reports directly from your ATM... AND

  4. IF you don’t have free 24/7 access to a website that shows all of your ATM transaction activity...

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