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"Will what you are doing right now
allow you to retire in 2 years?"

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With an ATM business:

  • You need no employees.

  • You need no storefront.

  • You can run your business on your schedule.

  • Requires a very low start up cost. 

  • Investment can be paid back in six months.

  • 20 ATM business takes one week a month.

  • Business can be managed from home. 

  • ATM visits are usually twice a month. 

  • Can work full-time job while handling ATM's.

  • Stores get $3,000+ yr for 16" x 20" floor space.

  • Stores increase sales + added convenience.

(access is available only to our ATM customers)

How ATMs Make Their Owners Money

ATM Owners and/or Operators charge their ATM customers (ATM cardholders) a surcharge fee for using their ATM. You charge this fee because as the owner or operator of an ATM Machine you are providing a valuable convenience service. Your service offers individuals the opportunity to save time if they need to access money from their bank without the hassle of going to their own bank. You set your own surcharge fee amount during the setup process.

7 reasons why Cash will always be in demand:

  1. Lower Transaction Costs: Cash avoids the processing fees associated with credit card payments, benefiting small businesses and vendors.

  2. Anonymity: Cash allows for anonymous transactions.

  3. Immediate Settlement: Cash transactions are instant, without the need for intermediaries or waiting.

  4. Accessibility: Cash is accessible to people of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

  5. Security in Emergencies: Cash is reliable when digital systems fail due to glitches, cyber-attacks, or power outages.

  6. Budgeting Tool: Cash helps individuals monitor spending more effectively.

  7. Economic Resilience: Cash is a preferred safe asset in uncertain times.

You just have to find the right location for your ATMs to ensure constant foot traffic. If you are new to business, we recommend that you start with one ATM machine - to learn. (below figures assume: you handle ATM money / $3.50 surcharge / $.50 Denali ATM cost / business location cost $.75 / 338 trans mo.)

(1) ATM is a Hobby:

  • Investment: $1,995 (ATM machine)

  • Return on investment (ROI):  3 months (2.6 months)

  • Time to build:   1 month

  • EXPENSE: monthly payments to 1 ATM location: $253.50 (338 trans. mo. x $.75 x 1 ATM)

  • INCOME: monthly: $760.50 (338 trans. mo. x $2.25 x 1 ATM)

  • INCOME: Annual:  $9,126.00 (working approx 2 hour per month)

(10) ATMs is a Job:

  • Investment:  $19,950 (ATM machine)

  • Return on investment (ROI):  3 months (2.6 months)

  • Time to build:   1 year

  • EXPENSE: monthly payments to 10 ATM locations: $2,535.00 (338 trans. mo. x $.75 x 10 ATMs)

  • INCOME: monthly: $7,605.00 (338 trans. mo. x $2.25 x 10 ATMs)

  • INCOME: Annual:  $91,260.00 (working approx 20 hours per month)

(20) ATMs is Semi-Retirement:

  • Investment:  $39,900 (ATM machine)

  • Return on investment (ROI):  3 months (2.6 months)

  • Time to build:   2 years

  • EXPENSE: monthly commissions to 20 ATM locations:  $5,070.00 (338 trans. mo. x $.75 x 20 ATMs)

  • INCOME: monthly: $15,210.00 (338 trans. mo. x $2.25 x 20 ATMs)

  • INCOME: Annual:  $182,520.00 (working approx 40 hours per month)


Are you ready to start making semi-passive income?  Click the botton above, or CALL.

Good News for ATM Owners. ATM User Fees Keep Creeping Up!

The average cash-machine customer paid $1.97 for this service in 2000. The average rose to $3.74 in 2015 and  $4.52 in 2023.  

Wells Fargo Bank


(Source: 2023 Bankrate ATM fee study)


Anchorage  $3.58

Atlanta  $5.33

Phoenix  $5.24

Detroit  $5.21

Cleveland  $5.13

San Diego  $4.99

Houston  $4.97

Tampa  $4.94

Miami  $4.82

Pittsburgh  $4.81

Los Angeles  $4.79

Dallas  $4.79

St. Louis  $4.76

Milwaukee  $4.76

San Francisco  $4.64

Washington, D.C.  $4.62

Minneapolis  $4.60

Denver  $4.59

Kansas City  $4.55

Chicago  $4.54

Baltimore  $4.52

Cincinnati  $4.45

Seattle  $4.34

Philadelphia  $4.31

Boston  $4.24

How You'll Manage Your ATM Business:


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