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Easily Attract ATM Customers

To draw customers in, this LED sign features the acronym "ATM" in bright red letters with a green graphic encircling it. The power cord is attached to the bottom of the sign, and the other end plugs into any standard wall outlet for easy use. Setup happens in a snap with this sign's included silver hanging chain!

hanging atm sale

This sign combines bold graphics with bright lighting for an eye-catching display that will encourage passersby to make their first visit and regular customers to return.


Two display modes - static and blinking - offer versatility, while LED lights ensure energy savings when compared to traditional neon signs.

LED atm sign

This sign uses half the electricity of traditional, high-voltage neon lights and operates silently so customers won't hear the bothersome buzzing noise emitted with comparable neon signs.

Plus, LED lighting ensures visibility up to 500 feet away, even in daylight and when placed behind glass.

4-option lignt switch

This sign comes with four options. An easy-to-reach on / off switch on the power cord, as well as a red button on the bottom that controls switching between the two modes.


Simple Controls: One mode blinks while the other remains static.

Lowest Price ATMs Guaranteed
Free ATM Paper & Shipping
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Our ATM prices are the lowest we know of, and the lowest we've ever charged!

Free ATM receipt paper plus shipping, for as long as you process with us.

Within 30-days ship unharmed ATM to us. We'll refund 100% of ATM's purchase price.

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