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There Is No Longer Any Need
To Use "DECEPTIVE" Business Names & Addresses For

Processing Cannabis ATM Transactions 


Whether you’re buying an ATM for your medical or recreational cannabis store, or if you’re interested in using a Cannabis Friendly Processor, you've come to the right place. We provide ATM services, and equipment nationwide to merchants in many different industries, including ATM sales, service and processing for cannabis-related businesses.


Cannabis stores should NEVER use any ATM processing company that encourages or requires the usage of a "deceptive business name" to conceal that the ATM will be processing cannabis transactions, and/or a "deceptive ATM location" to conceal that the ATM will be located for the usage of a cannabis related business. Entering into any ATM Processing Agreement with one or both of these misrepresentions is illegal, and opens your company up to federal, state and local prosecutions. And, it is totally unnecessary if you use a Cannabis-Friendly-Processor.



Our cannabis-friendly ATM Processing Agreement form's second question has the multiple-choice option "Cannabis Store" which sould be used to protect you, and will not prevent our ATM processor from accepting your application. 


We agree with the federal government, that “credit card processing” transactions are between the customer (cardholder) and the selling business (cannabis store), which is currently not legal. However, this is not so for ATM transactions.

ATM transactions are between the customer and his/her bank or credit/debit card company. The customer is simply taking their money out of their bank account. Your cannabis store has absolutely nothing to do with any ATM transaction. If your business is legal by state law. Our processor believes that there is no problem with maintaining an ATM inside a cannabis store. 

Our clients simply purchase (lowest cost ATM) their own ATM machines (like other businesses do) and stock their ATMs themselves - like other businesses do. Cannabis customers use their cards in a traditional-ATM, they enter the PIN associated with the card, accept a small convenience fee (surcharge), get their cash, make their purchases, and leave happy.

This provides increased convenience for the customer and increased sales revenue and peace of mind for your store. Our solution has:

  • A quick & easy approval process

  • Fifty cent ($.50) processing fee

  • No long term contracts

  • No required reserves

  • Free ATM add-ons

  • 3-4 day settlement

  • Online reporting


To get approved for our ATM processing solution, you'll need to complete our one page application and provide supporting documents (state ID and company check). Most prospects are approved in 1-2 business days.

ATMs are shipped to your store location, and our technicians assist in quickly setting up the pre-programmed plug-and-play ATM machine. Our solution is the best payment processing solution available to the industry and has been a favorite of dispensary owners nationwide, since 2012.

Almost any ATM type will work well in a cannabis store, including standalone, wall units, and countertop ATMs. Take a look at our ATMs for semi passive income or our ATM business opportunity. Here is why YOU should stock your ATM machine's cash.

Looking for a cannabis-friendly ATM processor? Contact Us Now:

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